Text Box: Willow Chatter
A Place to Exchange News About Our Lake.

This page is intended as a place neighbors can post news about the lake, fish (fishing), wild life, birds and beasts.  Good pictures are welcome.  Since we intend to keep this page for general interest, personal family matters will not be displayed.  If you have a note to post, please Email Martin Oakes and include your name and lot number.

Text Box: Bald Eagles.  January 9th 2010.
Have you seen the two Bald Eagles?  They visit the lake and rest in several trees including our Willow?  One is mature with its white head, so must be 4-5 years old.  Bald is an old English word for white.  The other is immature with brown head.  They probably enjoy our open water since they are fish eaters.  Martin Oakes, lot 26.

Ice Fishing.  January 11th 2010.
Caught 1 perch around 4 inches ( using a purple and white jig, tipped with a pink gulp maggot ). Using aqua view underwater camera, seen 3 small bluegill, several shad ( shad size around 2 inches ), 1 catfish ( around 16 inches ).  Drilled several holes around dam area and was unable to find any structure for fish to congregate next to. If anyone could point me to some structure it would be much appreciated.  Travis King, Lot #63