The following statements are extracted either from the conditions of purchase of Lake Frontage property or from minutes of meetings attended by the Association, and represent the majority wishes. Lake Frontage Property owners are automatically members of the WILLOW LAKE ASSOCIATION, Inc. in accordance with the Association By-laws, Article I, Section 2.

Enforcement of these policies is the responsibility of all Association members.

  1. WILLOW LAKE is a private lake owned by the 48 frontage properties.
  2. There is no public access or right of access by persons who are not members of the Association.
  3. Visitors may access the lake at the specific invitation of a lake frontage property owner, but only through that owner’s property.
  4. Guests on the water must have a signed pass. The pass is good for ONE day only, and only one name per pass. All passes must be signed and dated by the property owner. Passes may be obtained from a board member on request.
  5. Motor boats are prohibited except for maintenance purposes as approved by the Board of Directors on behalf of the Association. Electric trolling motors are acceptable.
  6. All motorized recreation vehicles are banned from the lake, i.e. no snowmobiles, ATV’s, etc. Snow clearing equipment for recreational purposes is acceptable.
  7. Fishing is restricted to lake lot frontage property owners and their guests who will obey the catch limits imposed by the State of Illinois or limits imposed by the Association. All carp and goldfish caught are to be disposed of and not returned to the lake.
  8. Fishing is absolutely NOT permitted from the dam, or from the bridge by anyone.
  9. To prevent the introduction of unwanted species, the use of minnows, leaches and shad are not permitted.
  10. Dues are currently $40.00 per month, payable to Willow Lake Association and must be submitted to the treasurer by the first of the month.
  11. There is to be no access to the dam or spillway except for the purposes of maintenance and mowing.
  12. Mowing schedules will be published each year. Presently odd and even lots alternate. It is the responsibility of each lot owner to mow on their appointed dates, or hire labor to mow in their place.
  13. Each lot owner is required to stabilize their lake bank to prevent erosion.
  14. Lot owners are required to provide labor to support maintenance of the lake, dam and catchment pond when requested.
  15. No materials may be placed in the lake without permission from the Board of Directors.


This page revised 26 Aug 2002.